I9 & Employment Solutions is a professional consultancy business with a diverse history. Prior to this career, I started in law enforcement with the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division. Initially, I served in the capacity as an Adult Probation Officer and was promoted to a management position as a Chief Probation Officer II for 13 years. I retired after 22 years of service. I am very familiar with managing small, medium, and large offices day to day operations included but not limited to managing employees. The workflow systems I developed to increase efficiency are still being utilized in current practice today within the state. Some of my notable skills and areas of expertise are:

Our team’s mission is to deliver quality and stellar services to our partners, by helping businesses grow their workforce and improve your business hiring decisions and practices through compliance and safety.

I9 & Employment Solutions understands that automation streamlines your business, improves productivity, and increases efficiency. That is why we have created an integrated, unique employment suite of services that unifies technology, training, and automation to help businesses grow.

Ultimately, providing our partners the ability to make decisions faster without cutting corners. Also, we take pride in delivering exceptional, personalized customer service experiences.

Our company strives to go beyond the limits of a typical employment solutions consultancy business. We do not consider the businesses we provide services to as clients but as partners. The success of I9 & Employment Solutions is based upon earning your business and trust. We build relationships with companies to understand your individualized business objectives and requirements.

As your business partner, we will adapt and grow with your business, while assisting you in excelling or surpassing your business expectations and goals.


  • Consulting
  • Management
  • Instructor with the Training Academy
  • Trained Employees/Supervisors
  • Conducted Motor Vehicle, State and National Background Screenings
  • Developed and Implementing Systems to Increase Efficiency and Workflow
  • Collaborated with state Contracted Providers, Community based agencies, Court Personnel
  • Achieved and Exceeded state level Results Based Accountability Goals
  • Presentence Investigations
  • Coached and Developed Employees/Supervisors
  • Hiring/ Corrective Action/Performance Evaluations

You Thought I Retired? No…

So, I started a child transportation company in which I served as the CEO for 5 years. The children and young adults we transported were in the foster care system with the State of Connecticut. Once again, I managed daily operations and employees. I infused the skills and qualifications I learned with the State of Connecticut with the transportation industry.


  • Consulting
  • Management
  • Trained Employees/Supervisors
  • Conducted Motor Vehicle, State and National Background Screenings
  • CT DCF Abuse Registry Check
  • Developed Policies & Procedures
  • Obtained V Endorsement for myself & assisted all employees in obtaining/maintaining the appropriate endorsement on their Driver’s License.
  • Designee for DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium
  • Oversaw Fleet Maintenance per Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle regulations
  • Well versed in DOT laws
  • Hiring/Corrective Action/Performance Evaluations
  • I9 Form Services
  • DOT Driver File & DOT Physical Management
  • Conducted/Maintained DVIRs
  • STV & CDLIS Checks
  • Conducted Annual Record Reviews
  • Maintained/Oversaw Safety certifications & trainings for myself and employees

Not only do I understand the role and requirements from a CEO/Entrepreneur perspective, but also as a driver as I learned every aspect of my business.

I want to create a vision whereas your business name becomes synonymous with excellence and innovation. My experiences and knowledge are what inspired me to create I9 & Employment Solutions.

I look forward to working with you,

Tasha Brown, M.S. CEO /Founder