Does your applicant’s identity check out?
Have you ever come across a candidate who used false names, dates of birth, addresses or social security number?

This is why you want to have each candidate’s identity verified before you hire.

SSN/Address Locator

National SSN/Address Locator is primarily used to identify aliases and counties where applicants reside. This search gathers information from a multitude of venues such as credit bureaus, public records (real property) and moving records from mailing houses. I9 & Employment Solutions Background’s National SSN/Address Locator searches credit headers and association algorithms in over 20 billion records, which uncover recent relocations as well as historical addresses.

This nationwide search provides summaries of the applicant’s name, name variations (such as maiden or previous names), date of birth, current address, and phone number. Our National SSN/Address Locator is a comprehensive tool to identify 30-50% more counties.

CBSV SSA ID Validation

Having problems validating an SSN? Consider our CBSV Service which is administered by the Social Security Administration. Features include:

  • Validates personal identifiers to the government source;
  • Matches Name, SSN, DOB, and Death Indicator;
  • Acceptable for pre-employment hiring purposes.

Turnaround time is less than 24 business hours.
*requires a specific form to be completed.