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Industries We Serve

Many Industries Trust I9 & Employment Solutions for Form I-9 Services, Employment
Screening Background Checks, and DOT Managed Solutions.

Accountants, Amusement Park, Aviation, Bookkeepers, Child Daycare/Nanny, Churches/Faith Based, Commercial Cleaning, Construction, Education, Electricians, Financial Services, Gaming, HVAC, Healthcare, Hospitality, Human Resources.
IT/Technology, Insurance, Janitorial, Landlord/Property Management, Law firms, Manufacturing, Non-Profits, Pharmacies, Plumbers, Railroad, Restaurant and Food services, Retail, Small Businesses, Staffing, Surveyors, Transportation, Volunteers.
Why Choose I9 & Employment Solutions?
We Do Things Differently

  • We offer a multitude of employment screening options which allows you the capability to tailor your company’s individualized background checks to your specific requirements.

  • We realize your hiring and rental decisions need to be made efficiently and with speed. Our goal is to help you convert employees and tenants faster.

  • We have incorporated interpreters into our business practices. Interpreter services bridge the gap between culture and language to enable our business to serve all diverse populations. Providing culturally competent services is one of our core values.

  • We use technology to automate and streamline workflow processes. We have simplified and removed tedious and complicated processes so you can focus on what matters most, your employees and growing your business.

  • Our employment solutions help businesses reduce risk and liability and safeguard your organization by maintaining compliance.

  • We provide a Boutique, Customer Experience. Our Boutique Experience means we are committed and dedicated to our customers and providing quality service. We understand that the customer experience extends beyond the initial purchase or contract. We value our relationship with you and desire to have a long-lasting impact.

Your Struggles Stop Here
You Work on Your Business, Let Us Handle the Details
We Are Ready to Help You With…

  • Improved Quality of Hires

  • Improved Safety and Security

  • Improved Regulatory Compliance

  • Decrease Employee Turnover

  • Reduced Alcohol/Drug Abuse

  • Managers spend less time on completing Repetitive Tasks and

  • DOT managed Compliant software that is an Insurance against an Audit to keep your business Safe Against Unwanted Fines

Don’t Settle for just anyone

This is where I9 & Employment Solutions can be your Trusted Guide.
We understand the realities of running a business and growing a company. We want to help you accomplish your business goals.

How To Work With Us

Step 1

Schedule a Call

We learn about your business, listen to your goals, and gather information to understand what your business needs and problems you are experiencing. We explain what we do and determine if were a good fit.

Step 2

Discovery & Planning

In this step, we develop a custom strategy and action plan. Also, we develop a customized proposal and what it will cost.

Step 3

We Follow Through with Action to Grow Your Business

This is the time where we turn strategy into action. We take steps to move your business toward the goals and address the concerns and problems you expressed.